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Production and Development Manager

I have strong work ethics, curious mind, and organizational abilities.

For me, it is extremely important to gain the trust of the team for whom I work for and with. I have extensive experience in content based productions, dealing with labor resources, production scheduling, budgets and costs, making any on-the-fly adjustments to the process, and coordination of travel, logistics and crew.

I am a logistically driven person, I take pride in being able to juggle many different tasks at the same time and deal with any emergencies that come up. The skills that I have acquired in the demanding and ever changing field of Production and Event Management have led me to fine-tune the art of multi-tasking, efficiency and on the fly decision making to tackle even the most critical unforeseen obstacles with ease and confidence. 

•    Project management    
•    Process improvement    
•    Quality assurance
•    Customer service excellence    
•    Performance driven    
•    Effective time management
•    Budgeting & cost reduction    
•    Highly innovative    
•    Decision making
•    Strong influencing skills        
•    Analytical/ innovative thinking    
•    Process orientation
•    Interpersonal communications    
•    Technical proficiency    
•    Solution-driven
•    Customer service excellence    
•    Organization & empathy    
•    Teamwork/independent    
•    Operational excellence        
•    Adept multitasking
•    Workflow optimization
•    Operations / Resource management    
•    Strategic planning         
•    Strong presentation skills  

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